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@Dukascopy_News 2018/06/29 22:21
USD/THB 1H Chart: Bullish momentum eases https://t.co/N1BK5DZyhm #FX #forex #finance

@BOOM_P 2018/06/29 22:21
RT @AllAboutSejeong: Salty tour ?????? https://t.co/vP8vE300l1 https://t.co/eJlykjbluo

@the_loser_game 2018/06/29 22:21
@bubbachuck_FX 飛熊ルール発見しました!公開されてるとは。ブログも読ませていただきますね!メンタルですね??

@FX_Dai 2018/06/29 22:21
@prtshirokuma はよ!(*´?`*)

@TempusFX 2018/06/29 22:21
After rallying to a fresh 11-month high yesterday, the #USDollar has seen a significant sell-off overnight. ??… https://t.co/g9t5oeN5ZF

@sanika241 2018/06/29 22:21
@munew777 @Nyazito @kira55244 あんたFXだけの男じゃなかったんやね!

@Xx_Exclusive_xX 2018/06/29 22:21
RT @hFXtoken: The Health FX solution delivers important #benefits for Healthcare #consumers https://t.co/lD28VbMHYC

@mai_mai_222 2018/06/29 22:21
RT @zxzAmizxz: FXって難しそう、、って 思ってたけど案外余裕じゃん?? ? https://t.co/TwlhgcAcGk もし嘘ならヴィトンのバッグ とか買ってないって!笑?? https://t.co/xp7t59WqAI

@katie_martin_fx 2018/06/29 22:21
RT @MehreenKhn: Juncker in full conspiracy mode: admits he told EU leaders an incorrect date of his Trump visit (July 21-22) to identify th…